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Installing a custom version of Node on a shared hosting

NVM is the node version manager. It helps you manage your different versions of Node onto one single computer/server.

Installing NVM on the shared hosting

To install the latest version of NVM on Webfaction or any other shared hosting (using SSH):

wget -qO- | bash

Installing node on the shared hosting

Open a new terminal and hit nvm list. It should output the installed versions of node. Not much indeed.

nvm install stable

Would install the current stable version

nvm install 4

Would install the latest node 4.x.x

nvm install 0.12

Would install the latest 0.12.x version

nvm install 5.0.0

Would install precisely the node v 5.0.0

Changing Node version

nvm list

To see what is available

nvm use defaut


nvm use 5.0.0

to switch respectively on the default version or the 5.0.0 version.

By vinyll on Nov. 22, 2015