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Upgrade Ubuntu Cosmic

Trying to update Ubuntu was leading to errors 404 and I couldn't upgrade from now on. It took a while to find an easy way to move from Cosmic to Eoan!

Proxmox to vitualize containers

trying to virtualize disk is make of little steps that could work more smoothly. Proxmox is a simple solution to run it easy.

Install Nextcloud with PHP7 on a RaspberryPi 3 with Jessie

Installing Nextcloud with PHP7 on Jessie has not been so straightforward on my end, hence this article for others – and for myself later.

Moving from MacOSX to Linux

For multiple reasons I tried to give a real chance to Linux on my MoacBook Air 6.2. So far I could get a very good looking and functional desktop. Here's what I suggest to reach something decent when coming from MacOS.