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Upgrade Ubuntu Cosmic

Trying to update Ubuntu was leading to errors 404 and I couldn't upgrade from now on.
It took a while to find an easy way to move from Cosmic to Eoan!

Proxmox to vitualize containers

trying to virtualize disk is make of little steps that could work more smoothly.

Proxmox is a simple solution to run it easy.

Install Nextcloud with PHP7 on a RaspberryPi 3 with Jessie

Installing Nextcloud with PHP7 on Jessie has not been so straightforward on my end, hence this article for others – and for myself later.

Moving from MacOSX to Linux

For multiple reasons I tried to give a real chance to Linux on my MoacBook Air 6.2.
So far I could get a very good looking and functional desktop.
Here's what I suggest to reach something decent when coming from MacOS.

Securing your MongoDB

Recently I have been hacked on
The hacker dropped the entire MongoDB databases and asked for a ransom.
From now on, here's a simple way to secure your Mongo Database.

Using gitignore – the right way

Too often projects get their gitignore files stuffed with specific files from some developers and are impossible to clean.
There's a way to keep everything tidy with basic rules.

Lineage OS stuck in recovery after update

After updating my LineageOS phone, it was stuck in the recovery mode – in TWRP recovery bootleader – without starting the update install.
There was no way to apply the update or to reboot the phone properly.

Installing a custom version of Node on a shared hosting

I needed to use the latest NodeJS version on my Webfaction webserver.
Webfaction provides Node 4.0.0 and I wanted to use 5.1.0.

NVM to the rescue.

New HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript immersive trainings

After years of failures in everything we all could conclude around short terms tranings (meaning not exceeding 2 weeks) in any traning company I've been looking for new ways to make it more efficient.
The attempt is what was called "an immersive traning week".

Django tranings and workshop

New trainings about Django are coming out.
We try to make it cooperative and learn together.
It happens on 3 or 4 days with a training day about Python prior Django if you don't know the language.

AMO and Zamboni gotchas

Are you working on Zamboni too? Cool, join us all, we'll be 2!

If you're a Python developer, just come and join the Mozilla's open source project called Zamboni. If you do, here are some tips and reminders if you meet the same difficulties that I had.

Please note that this article is in heavy continuous development.

Clean installation and management for Node with NPM

Creating a new project is not always obvious when coming to a new technology.
Python has virtualenv and pip freeze and requirements to manage dependencies and standalone projects. But how to deal with it in NodeJS?
NPM comes to help us out with a bunch of automation tools. with gevent using Flask

Socketio brings with HTML5 websockets a real time full-duplex connection.
We'll see here how we can use Python on the server to manage a real-time app.

We'll use Flask as it will be very basic, Gevent and SocketIO for persistant connecion and Google Maps.

The application in this example will display on a map everyone connecting live.

Getting started with Flask

Flask is a Python framework that aims to be lighter and more modular than Django.
Let's see how it turns out.

Install python3 and pip on a Mac OS

Easy way to install python3 and then libraries through pip aside another version of python on a Mac.
Allows you to work on a different version WITHOUT virtualenvwrapper !
The will require homebrew.

Using git with SVN

Sometimes you have no choice but to use the old buddy SVN.
That's ok, git can deal with it !
This article is about the everyday basics of using git+svn.

Managing configuration files with Django

Having multiple environments requires multiple configurations : local for development, staging for pre-production and production.
Each share some settings and override others.
Here's a way to manage it with real ease and never read again those "if DEBUG is True:" or "if ENV is 'local'"